4th Summative Test in EsP_Q1

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Fourth Summative Test English 4- Quarter 1 Name: ______________________________________________________Score: ____________ Grade/Section: __________________ Choose the letters of the correct answers. Write your answer on the blank. ______1. A puppy is to dog as duckling is to ______. a. duck b. chicken c. goose d. bird ______ 2. Bracelet is to wrist as earring is to ______. a. neck b. hair c. ear d. finger ______ 3. Squash is to vegetable as pineapple is to ______. a. tree b. fruits c. flower d. plant ______ 4. A guava is to green as an apple is to _______. a. yellow b. pink c. violet d. red ______ 5. Eyes is to see as nose is to _______. a. smell b. hear c. touch d. taste ______ 6. pen-maker-pencil a. things for reading b. things for writing c. things to wear ______ 7. car-motorcycle-van a. vehicles b. tools c. instruments ______ 8. sampaguita-rose-gumamela a. fruits b. vegetables c. flowers ______ 9. bed-pillow-blanket a. bedroom b. kitchen c. living room ______10. Rizal-Laguna-Quezon a. provinces b. cities c. barangays Find the best way to classify the words in each box. Write the letter of the correct answer. _____ 1. cupcakes cookies brownies A. They are made of meat. B. They are made with sugar, flour, and milk. C. They are made with vegetables. _____ 2. milk juice tea A. You can cook them. B. You can drink them. C. You can eat them. _____ 3. dentist teacher scientist A. They are mostly men. B. They are all professionals. C. They are mostly women.