4th summative test in Math_Q1

  1. Mathematics
  2. 4 Grade
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A) ₱ 300 b) ₱ 327 c) ₱339 d) ₱342 _________17. Nancy orders 200 red roses to be placed in 8 big vases. How many roses will each vase have? A) 10 b) 15 c) 20 d) 25 _________18. Twelve scouts are asked to make 492 cotton balls for their school clinic. How many cotton balls should each scout make? A) 44 b) 43 c) 42 d) 41 _________19. Lorely has weekly allowance of Php 150.00. She donated one-third of it to Bantay Bata Foundation. To earn more money, she applied to wash her parents’ car for Php 75.00. How much money does she have now? a. Php 175.00 c. Php 125.00 b. Php 150.00 d. Php 250.00 _________20. There are 4000 apples to be placed equally in 25 baskets. How many mangoes will be in each basket? a. 120 b. 140 c. 160 d. 180 ______________________________ Parent’s Signature

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