Probability With Virtual M&Ms


Probability using virtual bag of M&Ms

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Only one of you needs click on the link below to get your virtual bag of M&Ms.


Here is a You Tube video to help you walk through the process of this activity if you need extra help.

Probability With Virtual M&Ms

The bad news about virtual M&Ms is that you cannot eat them!!!

Who did you work with:

How many total M&Ms in your virtal bag?

Using the data you collected from your virtual bag of M&Ms find the probability of the following :

How many yellow M&Ms?

How many red M&Ms?

How many blue M&Ms?

How many green M&Ms?

How many orange M&Ms?

How many brown M&Ms?


Percent %

Answer As:

P(yellow) =

P(red) =

P(blue) =

P(green) =

P(orange) =

P(brown) =

The person who clicked on the link will screen share the results of your virtual bag of M&Ms.

Together you will fill out the following information: