1. English
  2. Анна Онохина
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1. I always __________________ (GO) to bed early because I __________________ (WAKE UP) early too. 2. Last Monday we __________________ (WATCH) ‘Dune’ and we __________________ (BE) really impressed. 3. She often __________________ (VISIT) museums at weekends. 4. They never __________________ (ARGUE) because they __________________ (BE) best friends. 5. Yesterday my younger brother __________________ (FIND) a stray cat right in front of our house. 6. He usually __________________ (GET UP) quite fast, but today he __________________ (CAN’T) do that. 7. The day before yesterday __________________ (BE) really hectic because all our plans __________________ (GET) ruined. 8. On Fridays she always __________________ (SPEND) time playing with her younger siblings. 9. He seldom __________________ (PAY) attention in class because he __________________ (HAVE) so many different ideas in his head. 10. George usually __________________ (DRIVE) to his work, but his car __________________ (BREAK) down two days ago so he __________________ (TAKE) a bus. 11. Mary and Jane __________________ (HAVE) so many things in common. 12. Jack always __________________ (LEAVE) early in the morning because his first class __________________ (START) at 7.40 a.m. 13. A year ago Katy __________________ (WIN) her first maths championship. 14. She __________________ (BELIEVE) that aliens __________________ (EXIST). 15. They often __________________ (TALK) loudly during their lessons but today the astronomy teacher __________________ (SHUSH) them. 16. On their way home Bill often __________________ (TAKE) cappuccino and Jackie always __________________ (BUY) caramel latte. 17. Yesterday grandpa __________________ (BRING) a new bike and __________________ (GIVE) it to me. 18. Meera _________________ (STUDY) Physics every day because she _____________ (WANT) to pass a Physics exam soon.