Present Simple Negative Exercises

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Use this worksheet to practice Present Simple Tense - Negative form.

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Name: ______________________ Dat e:_______________________ SimplePresent Negat iveExerci ses Under li net hecor rectopt ion. 1He____abookever ymont h. 6Pet erandTom ____t othegym. doesn' treads dogonotof ten doesn' tread don' tgoof ten doesr eadnot don' tof tengo 2You____mygi rl fr iendyet . 7Mynei ghbour 'sdog____t ool oudl y. don' tknow don' tbar k doesn' tknow doesn' tbar k knowdon' t don' tbar ks 3Yourgr andmot her____i nChi cago. 8I____t ounder standhi m. don' tl ive don' tneeds doesn' tl ive neednot doesn' tl ives donotneed 4They____t othebeachont hei rhol iday .9They_____soccert oday .. doesn' tgo doesn' tpl ay don' tgo don' tpl ays don' tgoes don' tpal y 5He____anymagazi ne. 10Mybr other____past a. don' treads don' teat doesn' tread doesn' teat doesn' treads don' teat s Wor ksheet sPDF. com