Present Perfect Listening

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Present Perfect / Listening


Grammar Explanation

Present Perfect - Recent Changes

Point 1: We often use the present perfect to discuss status of actions that need to be done.

Have you finished the report yet?

No, I have not finished yet. / No, not yet.

Have you even started?

Yes, I already started. / Yes, I have

Point 2: We use the particle yet in the questions and negative forms to show an action is time sensitive.

Have you eaten yet?

No, I haven't eaten yet.

Has he left yet?

Not yet. He will leave soon.

Point 3: We also use the word already in the question and affirmative forms to show an action is time sensitive.

Have you already eaten?

Yes, I've already eaten.

Have you already started?

Yes, we already have.

Point 4: Both the present perfect and the simple past can be used to discuss the status of recent events.

Have you finished the report yet?

Yes, I've finished it.

Did you finish the report yet?

Yes, I finished it.

- Listen and answer these questions about the interview.

1) Who has called Bob?

A) No one has

B) Katie has

2) Has the woman finished the report?

a) Yes, she has.

b) No, not yet.

3) How long has the woman known Joe?

a) She just met him

b) Since high school

4) What does she say about the sweater?

a) She has not worn it much.

b) She hasn't had it long.