Preposition collocations

  1. English
  2. 5 Grade
  3. Ha William
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Collocations with Prepositions Exercise 1 1. She paid for lunch ___________ advance, so we don’t need to pay now. 2. I went to the wrong house ___________ mistake! 3. Please make sure that you’re ___________ time for the class! 4. I was walking to the station and ___________ chance I saw the glove I’d lost on the ground. 5. I love eating out in London. ___________ instance, one of my favourite restaurants has amazing Japanese food. 6. I think the cat is ___________ danger on that high roof. 7. I picked up the laptop and ___________ my surprise it fell apart in my hands. 8. I have a lot ___________ common with my cousin. We both like many of the same things. 9. If the baby starts to cry, pick her up ___________ once. 10. Did you forget your purse ___________ purpose so you wouldn’t have to pay? 11. It’s best to arrive ___________ foot, because there is nowhere to park. 12. What do a whale and a dolphin have ___________ common? 13. He added salt instead of sugar ___________ mistake. 14. What’s your favourite thing to do? ___________ instance, do you like sport? 15. The book was ___________ reach on a high shelf. 1 © May be freely copied for personal or classroom use.