Prepositions: at in on

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KEY 1. At what time does the meeting start tomorrow? 2. I last saw him on his birthday. 3. Don't go out at noon. The sun is too strong. 4. You should start feeling better in a day or two. 5. We're going on holiday next month. 6. I should be finished with my report in about half an hour. 7. I am working on a new project at the moment. 8. He had been unemployed for some time but, in the end, he found a good job. 9. We were planning to start out at dawn. 10. Manchester won three games in a row and now they are at the top of the league table. 11. We often go skiing in spring because the days are longer. 12. Our whole family enjoyed a great meal in/at a fine little restaurant. 13. She doesn't look that old, but she must be in her late sixties. 14. The castle was built in the Middle Ages. 15. There's some kind of dark spot on the ceiling. What is it? 16. The boys left home at the age of 16. 17. The souvenir shops make a lot of money on a national holiday. 18. The manager has an appointment with a new client at 5 p.m. 19. She sleeps in the morning and works at night. 20. It's already 9 a.m. and he is still in bed. 21. I couldn't find that small village on any map. 22. My dad plans to return from his business trip on Saturday or Sunday evening. 23. My sister is at work right now so you can't reach her. 24. I saw the article on the back page of the newspaper. 25. The sailors were very tired. They had been at sea for over two months.