Preliminary FS Reading Part 4

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A For all these reasons, they enjoy meeting other dancers.


B Listening to different styles of music also helps.


C Travelling long distances to dance schools can be tiring, too.


D Attending one of their public performances is a good way of finding out.


E If they develop poor technique, they may have problems later on.


F Few people know where to find them.


G This allows them to compare themselves with teenagers from other schools.


H That means they do not waste time travelling from home to dance classes.

A I'm the only woman in this group.


B That was a very long time to live in space.


C People often ask what food tastes like in space.


D This stops everything floating away while we eat!


E On the other hand, the ISS is a perfect environment to do scientific experiments.


F That's the meeting where we discuss what needs to be done during the day.


G They like my desserts, and they have a dark bread that I love.


H I'll never forget looking through the window and seeing it for the first time.

A This was easy, of course, in very cold environments.


B It took Birdseye eight years to work out how to cool food quickly enough to stop them forming.


C He always came top of his university class.


D As a result, few people wanted to buy frozen food.


E They didn't catch many fish because they couldn't keep them fresh.


F However, he was unable to afford the teaching fees, and had to leave.


G For example, they were taken to nearby towns.


H As they pulled out fish, these immediately froze in the extremely cold air.

A That surely isn't the best way to start the day!


B And, surprisingly, we often forget that it didn't!


C Despite this difficulty, messaging can be much quicker than a conversation.


D However, I think it's just nice to stay in touch.


E Another reason is that often we just can't wait to see our friends.


F There are plenty of good things about messaging too.


G One of these, they say, is our connection with our parents.


H Many of us message while we're doing other things, like homework.