Preliminary Documentation

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Preliminary Documentation

Bayside City Council

Town Planning Documentation

Building Regulations

Building Permit Documentation

List documentation required for a building permit

What documents do we need for a planning permit application

List all the elements on this site plan

Is this site plan better or worse than the previous site plan?

State yes or no and why you think this?

These are two site plans.

What are their names?

What is the difference between them

Do you think they show enough information? Explain Why

Premises Standards Guidelines...

When does the premises Standards apply to the to existing building alterations and additions?

Access the link and answer the above questions.

list in point form all the situations where the premises standards apply

AS 1428.1 Compliance

Is this Stair Case Accessible?

Is this Bathroom Accessible?

Please answer with Clauses and Yes or No

e.g YES - NCC Clause D4D3 or NO - AS1428.1 Sec 8.2

List the elements shown on this floor plan

List the elements that you think should be on this floor plan

These are two excellent floor plans. Tell me which one presents better in your opinion. List the drawing techniques they have used that help the presentation.

After submitting these window elevations to a builder as part of a tender process they have come back to you and asked the following..

More information on Door 1 - Material - Aluminium ? single glazing or double glazing ? Colour/ finish ?

Please specify this door appropriately. (Class discussion on this probelm is welcome)

S5C21 (c) (iv) – Fire resistance of building elements

J5D7 Construction of ceilings, walls and floors

J5D4 Roof lights

F3D2 Roof coverings

Does the NCC require metal sheet roofing to be corrosion resitant - For any any answer please state the clause