Pre-teens Int+ _Term 1 Test_ Starter_Unit 2


Pre-teens Intermediate + Term 1 Test Starter Unit _Unit 2 Test Name:____________________ Date:____________ Score:_____% Listening 1. [1.03] Listen to the interview with Amy. Complete the sentences. Write one word in each gap. 1 Amy is talking about her _______________________ of One Direction memorabilia. 2 She says she’s a _________________ fan of One Direction. 3 She likes to ___________________ her 1D memorabilia to people so that they can see she’s a fan. 4 She sometimes wears her hoodie in __________________. 5 Amy and her friends ____________________ wear their 1D jewellery. 6 Amy has put 1D stickers and badges on her _____________________. 7 She first saw the band on ________________________. 8 She bought their ___________________ album immediately. 9 She buys memorabilia for a good ___________________ on sites like eBay. 10 By now, Amy has almost a _____________________ pieces of memorabilia. _______/10 2. [1.04] Listen to the conversation between Susie and Jack. Complete the sentences with one word. 1 Susie thinks Jack looks _____________________. 2 Jack decided to lose _____________________. 3 He thought exercising would be _____________________. 4 At the beginning of the holidays, he found that his clothes didn’t ________________ him. 5 Before his first visit, Jack was _____________________ about going to the gym. 6 When he went to the gym, he found that the people were very _____________________. 7 When he started using the equipment, he was worried that he looked _______________. 8 Now Jack goes to the gym _____________________ times a week. 9 Most of Jack’s clothes are too ___________________ for him now. 10 On Saturday mornings, he gets together with some friends to run in the ______________. _______/10

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