Pre - conversation practice

  1. World Languages
  2. Zhenia Kostenko
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OUTCOMES PRE-INTERMEDIATE VIDEO WORKSHEET 01 FAMILY AND FRIENDS WATCH A Watch the video. Write what you hear about the three people in the pictures. Agata _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Fredrik _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Elsa _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ B Compare your ideas with a partner. C Look at the video script. What are the missing words? D Watch again and check your answers. PRACTISE PRONUNCIATION A Practise the conversation in pairs. B Which words or phrases are difficult for you? Tell a partner. C Watch again and listen to the words / phrases that are difficult to say. Ask your teacher to stop the video. Repeat the word(s) / phrases. D In pairs, practise reading the dialogue again. KARAOKE Watch the karaoke version and look at the video script. Act out the karaoke lines in italics. Photocopiable © 2014 National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning 1

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OUTCOMES PRE-INTERMEDIATE VIDEO WORKSHEET VIDEO SCRIPT Julia My mobile phone is at home, so I drew a picture. Alexander Ha ha! You’re a great artist! Julia I know! My drawing 1____________________________________________ my English! Alexander So, who’s that? Julia That’s my sister, Agata. Alexander OK. Is she 2____________________________________________ than you? Julia Older. Three years older. She’s 26 now. Alexander What does she do? Julia She’s a lawyer. She works 3____________________________________________ in Gothenburg, our hometown. Alexander Is she married? Julia Yes, she got married last year. Her husband’s name is Jonas. Alexander And do they 4____________________________________________ ? Julia No, not yet. They both work a lot, so you know. Alexander OK. So, who’s that? Is it a man or a woman? Julia It’s a man. He’s my best friend, Fredrik. He has very long hair! Alexander How long 5____________________________________________ ? Julia We grew up together. We went to school together, you know. Alexander Do you see him much? Julia Not really, because he moved to the capital, Stockholm, to study. 6 Alexander ____________________________________________ ? Julia History and Politics. Alexander Oh, wow! OK. Anyway, last one … who is that? Julia This is my niece, Elsa. Alexander Aah! How old is he? Julia She! She’s a girl. My niece, not my nephew. Alexander Oh, sorry. Sorry! Julia She’s three. She’s the daughter of my oldest brother. It’s a bad drawing, but she’s very cute. Anyway, what about you? Photocopiable © 2014 National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning 2