Pre 5.1 Week 11 Combining Sentences

  1. World Languages
  2. Ha William
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Open Response Worksheet Name: Read the sentences below and combine them using the word "and" or "or". 1. Frogs are amphibians. Toads are amphibians. 2. The dog is looking at the mouse. The cat is looking at the mouse. 3. Bobcats live near Virginia. Bears live in the mountains of Virginia. 4. Amy likes soccer. Josh likes soccer. 5. Emily was my best friend. Crystal was my best friend. 6. The peacock ate some insects. The peacock ate some nuts. 7. It is rare to spot mountain lions. It is rare to spot bald eagles. 8. The airplane startled the rabbit. The airplane startled the owl. 9. Ms. Christine is very funny. Ms. Christine is very nice. Created with

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10. Andy saw a deer at dusk. Andy saw a raccoon at dusk. 11. Grandma cleans the dishes. Grandma cooks dinner. 12. Mr. Chuong might give us more exercise. Mr. Chuong might let us play games. 13. Will read in the tent with a ashlight. Will nished his book. 14. Thanh Tung might play basketball. Thanh Tung might go shopping. Thanh Tung might sleep at home. 15. Grandpa toasted a marshmallow. Grandpa placed it between two graham crackers 16. Next summer, they might sail down the coast. Next summer, they might go shing 17. Habib might walk home. Habib might ride his bike home. Habib might run home. 18. Grandpa spread out the tent. Grandpa hammered the stakes. 19. Will might look for sticks. Will might cook dinner 20. Grandpa and Will might make sandwiches. Grandpa and Will might grill hamburgers. Created with