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GRADE 12 - UNIT 1 LIFE STORIES - LANGUAGE FOCUS VOCABULARY I. Match the words below with their definitions. 1. achievement a. time and effort that somebody puts into an activity or a purpose 2. perseverance b. a person, especially a well-known one or famous in some way 3. generosity c. persistence in trying to achieve something despite difficulties 4. dedication d. very successful and admired by other people 5. distinguished e. opinion about a person, based on what has happened in the past 6. figure f. considered to be socially acceptable because of good character 7. reputation g. something important that you succeed in doing by your efforts 8. respectable h. kindness and willingness to give II. Complete the sentences with the correct form of words in Exercise I. 1. Sara is a _________________________ young woman from a good family. 2. Are you proud of your son’s _________________________? 3. His tireless _________________________ to protect endangered animals was greatly admired. 4. Hard work and _________________________ help players to succeed in their sporting career. 5. He has the _________________________ of being a hard worker. 6. The hospital has now bought a new body scanner, thanks to the _________________________ of local fund- raisers. 7. Our _________________________ guests have just arrived. Let's welcome them with a big round of applause. 8. Winston Churchill was one of the most dominant _________________________ in British politics. Ms. Tâm Anh - 0974081190

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