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  2. Анна Онохина
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Possessive Pronouns The Possessive Pronoun stands alone. I Mine It replaces the noun. Look at the example: You Yours He His e.g. These are my books. These are mine She Hers It Its We Ours They Theirs Write the correct possessive pronoun for each sentence: E.g.: That car belongs to me. That car is mine. 1. That photograph belongs to them. That photograph is _____________________. 2. That bracelet belongs to me. That bracelet is _____________________. 3. This suitcase belongs to us. This suitcase is _____________________. 4. These football boots belongs to him. These football boots are_____________________ 5. This computer game belongs to me and my brother. This computer game is _____________________ 6. That motorbike belongs to that man. That motorbike is _____________________ 7. These books belong to those students. These books are _____________________ 8. This ipod belongs to you. This ipod is _____________________ 9. This camera belongs to my aunt. This camera is _____________________ 10. This ball belongs to those boys. This ball is _____________________. 11. This scarf belongs to my Aunt Tina. This scarf is ______________ 12. This apartment belongs to my cousins. This apartment is ______________