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  2. Анна Онохина
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Possessive Adjectives Type the correct word in the boxes below. my your his her its our their 1. The boy likes________________ school. 2. Mary sees __________ mother every day. 3. My teachers bring___________ children to our place on Saturdays. 4. The cat eats _____________ food quickly. 5. I often forget _____________ key. 6. You write in __________book in class. 7. We bring ____________pencils to class. 8. The men always bring ______________wives to the party. 9. Mr Adams teaches_______________ class in the morning. 10. She likes to give presents to ___________________grandchildren. 11.They never do _______________homework. 12.Ali sometimes wear ____________green t-shirt. 13.We love ________________school. 14.Ayse and Ahmet play with __________________ sisters. 15.You always wear ______________uniform at school. 16. I rarely walk to ___________________school. 17.We eat _______________lunch at 12 a.m. 18.The bird always sleeps in _________________ nest. 19.She always forget _________________books in the cupboard. 20.He often speaks to ________________friends.

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21.They close _____________books. 22.Where is (I) ___________ book? 23.Here is (we) _______________ teacher. 24.She goes to school with (she) _____________ brother. 25.(They)_________father works in a car factory. 26.(You)_____________ laptop is very expensive. 27.(He )______________favourite hobby is tennis. 28.(I) __________________husband and I want to go to Paris. 29.Leila likes (she) __________________ dog ! 30.(It) _____________________name is Bobby 31.(They)____________names are Joseph and Jacobs. 32.(I)________________teacher loves me  33.(We) ________________school is very nice. 34.(You)_________________ house is near the hospital. 35.(She) ____________________ father is a doctor. 36.(We)__________________ bicycles are very fast. 37.(You)__________________lesson is English. 38.(I) ________________shoes are new. 39.(He)__________________sister is 2 years old. 40.(It) ___________________name is Boncuk. YOU ARE ALL CLEVER AND HARDWORKING STUDENTS!