Portfolio Task 1 Example Script

  1. English
  2. ana li zhong
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Read an Excerpt of an Example Script for Portfolio Task 1

Part of the Body

I have to work hard to build the different basketball skills that I have today. This hard work is important to me because it shows some characteristics that form the core of my identity. For example, I am dedicated to my passion. I will spend a lot of time practicing.

Another point is about how I approach challenges. I will not be afraid of something difficult. I try to work through any difficulties in my life, especially by turning to my friends and family when I need help.

This brings me to my third point about teamwork. Basketball has taught me to be a team player and understand the value of collaboration. I believe that working together can make us more successful. This connects to my cultural background and role as a Chinese citizen. There is a strong belief in the power of the group. We value helping each other.

Teamwork from basketball influences many other parts of my life as well. For instance, when I am in the classroom, I will try to include all my classmates in the discussion.

In other words, basketball is not only a sport I enjoy playing in my free time. It is a way of life that not only helps me work hard and develop my skills but also reminds me of the support that people around me can bring to a team.

After reading the sample script, answer the following questions.

The main focus is on you and how the object influences your identity, not really the object itself.

  1. What kind of person is he?

  2. What are his roles?

  3. What are his beliefs?

  4. What are his values?

  5. What is a “way of life” for him?

Answer key:

  1. What kind of person is he? He works hard, unafraid to approach challenges, has good teamwork skills, and tries to be inclusive.

  2. What are his roles? A team player and a Chinese citizen.

  3. What are his beliefs? Working together can make us more successful—the power of the group.

  4. What are his values? Hard work, collaboration, helping each other.

  5. What is a “way of life” for him? Playing basketball.

Think of your object and identity.

  1. What kind of person are you?

  2. What are your roles?

  3. What are your beliefs?

  4. What are your values?

  5. What is your "Way of Life"?