Placement test

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24 use your dictionary? Sure. Here you are. A Could I B Could you C Do I 25 I like this apartment but the is too expensive for me. A money B rent C cost 26 Excuse me, how do I to the bus station? A come B get C arrive 27 Do you sell stamps? Yes, we do. How do you want? A any B many C much 28 Sorry I’m so late. That’s . A OK B great C right 29 I’d like milk in my coffee, please. A some B any C a 30 a bus stop near my flat. A It’s B Here’s C There’s 31 Is this a good time to talk? Sorry, no. I dinner. A cook B am cooking C cooking 32 I think cycling is more dangerous driving. A as B like C than 33 We going to the theatre next Saturday. A will B do C are 34 meet for coffee some time soon. A Let’s B Do you C Shall they 35 Kamal has got a holiday home near sea. A a B the C some Placement test Written test  Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 3

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