Personal development exam


e. None of the above 5. Which of the following are signs that you may be in an abusive relationship? a. Bruises, scratches and other signs of injuries b. Avoiding friends c. Apologizing for your partner`s behavior d. All of the above TEST II. Matching type Instruction: The following are the common relationship problem. Match the given problem to its corresponding meaning. Column A Column B 1. Long Term Stress a. This includes emotional infidelity, nights stand, internet relationship. 2. Affairs b. during particularly difficult times From people that matter. 3. Lack of support c. feeling the relationship is one-side is a big one. 4. Sexual Issue d. particularly when not taking Responsibility of doing something Positive to address the cause. 5. Perceived lack of concern, care e. over-involvement in your relationship with family or friends. d. particularly loss of libido and including questions around your gender, or young partner’s gender TEST III. Binary Write true if the statement is correct, otherwise write FALSE on the space provided before the number. _____ 1. To love someone, we must love our self-first. _____ 2. Trying to understand where other people are coming from rather than judging them helps us build and maintain relationships. _____ 3. Having a good relationship does not contribute anything to us having good health. _____ 4. Significant differences in core values and beliefs never create a problem in

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