Performance Task 4 (HEALTH WK 7 8)

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Department of Education Region IX, Zamboanga Peninsula Zamboanga City Division AYALA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Ayala, Zamboanga City QUARTER 1 - PERFORMANCE TASK 4 – HEALTH S.Y. 2021-2022 NAME: ___________________________________ SCORE: _______________________ GRADE & SECTION: ______________________ PART I - JUMBLED WORD DIRECTION: Arrange the jumbled letters to form word/s related to Family Health (Gender and Human Sexuality, Issues and Problems Related to Human Sexuality). Write your answer on space provided. _________________________ 1. XULSIEAYT _________________________ 2. DGENRE _________________________ 3. NAPRENGYC _________________________ 4. IONTBORA _________________________ 5. DENGER OLRE _________________________ 6. EXS _________________________ 7. EERPS _________________________ 8. NDEGER QLITYEUA _________________________ 9. MFEALE _________________________ 10. LIAFYM PART II- MODIFIED TRUE or FALSE DIRECTION: Write TRUE if the statement is correct and if not, change the underline word or words to make the statement correct. Write your answer on the space provided. _________________________ 1. Adolescence pregnancy among females ranges from ages 13 to 19. _________________________ 2. Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) cannot be spread through sexual contact. _________________________ 3. A man who prefers a woman will usually have a straight or heterosexual identity. _________________________ 4. A man who prefers a man has a homosexual identity. _________________________ 5. As you grow and develop to be mature, you need the proper guidance and support from your family. _________________________ 6. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy. _________________________ 7. Gender is an integral part of what we do and who we are. _________________________ 8. Pre-marital sex is engaging in a sexual activity after marriage. _________________________ 9. When you do not know whether you like a girl or a boy, you are likely to be under Identity Crisis. _________________________ 10. Human sexuality is the quality of being a male or female. Prepared by: MA. CRISTINA L. QUIRANTE AMELITA R.M CARLOS JENNY NADIA G. ATALAN JEFFREY O. FRANCISCO CHRISTIAN JAY LOZADA