Performance Task 3 PHYSICAL EDUCATION WK 5 6

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Department of Education Region IX, Zamboanga Peninsula AYALA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Ayala, Zamboanga City QUARTER 1 PERFORMANCE TASK 3 – PHYSICAL EDUCATION S.Y. 2021-2022 NAME: __________________________________________ SCORE: _______________________ GRADE & SECTION: ________________________________ PART I DIRECTIONS: Match column A with column B. A B _____1. Ability of the heart and lungs to work together to provide A. 3-minute Run-in-place the needed oxygen and fuel to the body during sustained workloads. _____2. The amount of force a muscle can produce. B. Cardiovascular Fitness _____3. Ability of the muscles to perform continuously without C. Flexibility fatiguing. _____4. Ability of each joint to move through a full range of D. Ninety (90) Degree Push-up motion for a specific joint. _____5. The amount of fat mass compared to the lean muscle E. Muscular Strength mass, bone, and organs. _____6. To measure the strength of the upper extremities. F. Muscular Endurance _____7. To measure the strength of the abdominal muscle. G. Body Composition _____8. To measure the flexibility of the lower back and hamstring. H. Curl-ups _____9. To measure how mobile and flexible your upper arms I. Zipper Test and shoulder joints. _____10. To measure the cardiovascular endurance. J. Sit an Reach PART II- PROBLEM SOLVING DIRECTIONS: Compute for the BMI. (10pts) 1. What will be the BMI of Jolan if he weighs 50kg and has a height of 168cm? 2. Ana is 12 years old who has a body weight of 45kg and stands at 150cm. Find her BMI. Prepared by: MA. CRISTINA L. QUIRANTE Amelita R.M. Carlos Jenny Nadia G. Atalan Jeffrey O. Francisco Christian Jay L. Lozada