PE or KE Exit Ticket

  1. Science
  2. 6 Grade
  3. Benaya Lopez
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Name:________________________________ Potential or Kinetic Energy? Directions: Read each example below and write P or K on the line. 1. An egg sitting on the kitchen counter, about to roll onto the floor. ____ 2. A baseball in the air, thrown from the catcher back to the pitcher. ____ 3. A roller coaster at the top of the hill about to go down the big hill. ____ 4. A soccer player running around the soccer field. ____ 5. The batter is about to swing the bat. ____ 6. A sled going down a snowy hill. ____ 7. A skydiver about to jump out of a plane. ____ 8. An apple falling out of a tree. ____ 9. A deer running across a field. ____ 10.A kangaroo in mid-jump about to come back down to the ground. ____ 11.A basketball sitting on the edge of the rim about to fall in the hoop. ____ 12.A runner running in a marathon. ____ 13.An acorn about to fall out of the tree to the ground. ____ 14.A boat speeding across the river. ____ 15.A soccer ball reaching the highest point about to fall back down. ____ 16.A bowling ball rolling down the lane. ____ 17.A skier at the top of the slope about to ski down the hill. ____ 18.An arrow from a bow shooting through the air. ____ Kimberly Baer