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10) Fill the gap: The boy ________________________ (run) after the plane when it ________________________ (land) on the dog's head. 11) Fill the gap: First the smoke seller ________________________ (transform) the small dog into a bigger dog and afterwards ________________________ (make) the old lady younger and prettier. 12) Fill the gap: The dog ________________________ (chase) the cat when it ________________________ (hit) the boy. 13) Fill the gap: The seller ________________________ (pack) up when suddenly the little boy ________________________ (complain) about his toy. 14) Fill the gap: At the same time, the stick ________________________ (fly) through the air and the dog ________________________ (try) to catch it. 15) Fill the gap: The mayor ________________________ (appear) and the smoke seller ________________________ (make) him a stature. 16) Fill the gap: The whole town ________________________ (wave) good-bye when it suddenly ________________________ (start) to rain. 17) Fill the gap: It ________________________ (rain) still when the smoke seller ________________________ (turn) back into an old man on a bicycle. 18) Fill the gap: The smoke seller ________________________ (drive) away, when all objects transformed back or ________________________ (disappear).