Past Simple revision


This lesson was created for students with Pre-intermediate level of English to revise Past Simple Tense.

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1. Watch the grammar video about Past Simple: When do we use this tense? 2. What is the Past Simple of these verbs? Present simple Past Simple Present simple Past Simple leave become go think walk explain take begin do meet arrive end decide

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3. Read the text, choose the correct option. Last year we 1. on holiday to France. We stayed 2. a big old house near the sea. There 3. the flowers and trees and swimming pool near the house. 4. morning we swam in the sea. We 5. food in the market and cooked 6. at home. In the evening we 7. music and sand songs. I really 8. the holiday but I 9. happy to come 10. and see my friends again. 1. went 2. over 3. was did in were go near are 4. in 5. bought 6. anything every put dinner the made them 7. played 8. saw 9 were carried interested was stayed enjoyed am 10. apartment house home 4. Tell about your last holidaY.

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5. Write a question for each answer. Where did you go? I went to the cinema. ? I ate some ice cream. ? I woke up at 6. ? She went to school by bus. ? I phoned Sylvia. 6. Listen. Tick the statements that are true. Alisia Tom Alisia enjoyed her summer holiday Tom road bike every day She swam every day He stayed in a hotel The weather was sunny The weather was good She ate a lot of ice cream They had barbecues She likes swimming She doesn't like pizza 7. Match 2 parts of the sentences together. Our holiday was and swam every day. We went climbing and quite boring. The weather was great and we had barbecues every night. We went to the beach rode our bikes every day. Because there was in a tent. We stayed nothing to do!