Past simple past perfect

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Directions: Use the SIMPLE PAST or the PAST PERFECT of the verbs in parentheses. 1. Yesterday I (go) went to my daughter's dance recital. I (be, never) had never been to a dance recital before. I (take, not) didn't take dancing lessons when I (be) was a child. 2. Last night, I (eat) __________ four servings of food at the "all-you-can-eat" special dinner at The Village Restaurant. Until that time, I (eat, never) _______________ so much in one meal. I've felt miserable all day today. 3. A friend of mine, Judith Nelson, is presently working in the international sales division at an electronics firm. She's just returned from a trip to Japan. She was asked to go to Japan because she can speak Japanese. When she (be) _________ a business student at Boston University, she (study) _________Japanese for four years. She (have, never)______________ the opportunity to use her Japanese until she went to Tokyo last month. While she was there, she (speak) ______________ Japanese every day and (enjoy) ______________ every minute of it. She's anxious to return. 4. A: I (see) ________ you in the school play last night. You (do) ______ a terrific acting job. (Act, you, ever) _______________________ in a play before this one? B: Yes. I (start) ______________ acting when I was in elementary school. 5. Last year, I (go) __________ mountain climbing for the first time. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time. We (move) ___________ slowly and carefully, and it (take)__________ three days to get to the top. Imagine our surprise when we climbed onto the summit and found another group of climbers. They (arrive) ________________ several hours ahead of us. They were having dinner and listening to Beethoven. We (laugh) ______________, and they (invite)______________ us to join them. The climb (be) _________, to say the least, an unforgettable experience. 6. When I first (travel) _____________ abroad to study, I (live, never) ______________________ in a dormitory before. During the first year, I (have) ___________ a roommate from Switzerland who (become) ________ a very good friend. Prior to that time, I (live, never) ___________________ with anyone from another culture. 7. In 1955, my parents (emigrate) ______________ to the United States from Turkey. They (travel, never) _________________________ outside of Turkey and were, of course, excited by the challenge of relocating in a foreign country. Eventually, they (settle) ______________ in California. My sister and I were born there and (grow) ___________ up there. Last year, I (go) __________ to Turkey for the first time to visit my relatives. I (want, always) _______________________ to visit Turkey and learn more about my own family background. My dream was finally realized.

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