Past simple or present perfect fun activities

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PAST SIMPLE PRESENT PERFECT Form: we add “ed” to all regular verbs, Form: has/have + past participle Irregular verbs must be learnt by heart. We use the present perfect for an action in the past with a result now or when we talk about a time from the past until now. We use the Past Simple for something in the past which is finished. • I’ve lost my glasses. (I can’t find them now) • I’ve been to Spain, but I haven’t been to Portugal. • He played tennis yesterday. We use: hasn’t/haven’t + past participle for negatives: • The children went to the park this morning. • John hasn’t seen the film. We use “did” to make questions and “didn’t” for negatives. The verb stays in the base form. We use: has/have + subject + past participle for questions: • Did you see Bob yesterday? • Have you seen Jane today? Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs 1. I ___________ (see) the twins in town last week. 2. _____________________(you/ever/meet) her brother? 3. Where __________________(you/be) last weekend? 4. ______________ (you/see) Kathleen? 5. We ________________ (not/go) on holiday last year. 6. I love clothes. I ______________ (buy) a lot this year. 7. What _____________ (you/do) last weekend? 8. Dad ______________ (repair) the car, you can use it now. 9. Agatha Christie _____________ (live) from 1890 to 1976. 10. Granny still _________________ (not/find) her glasses. 11. Where ______________ (you/buy) your laptop? 12. Oh! You ______________ (paint) the kitchen, I like the colour. 13. What time _______________ (you/get) home last night? 14. Emma! Your letter ________________ (arrive) at last! 15. The weather ______________ (be) good all week.