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h PAST SIMPLE AND PROGRESSIVE h 1. When I ________to school I ________John. (walk/see) 2. When I ________in the kitchen Mary ________ .(help/come) 3. While she ________the soup the children ________. (cook/play) 4. While they ________cards the baby ________. (play/sleep) 5. When I ________in the garden my uncle ________. (work/call) 6. Carol ________TV while Bob and Peter ________football. (watch/play) 7. When she ________her hair the baby ________to cry. (wash/begin) 8. A strong wind ________when the plane ________. (blow/land) 9. When she ________tennis it ________to rain. (play/began) 10.When I ________TV the lights ________out. (watch/go) 11.While he ________the piano she ________to him. (play/listen) 12.While she ________up her room he ________his car. (tidy/wash) 13.The boys ________in the garden while she ________the flowers. (help/water) 14.He ________Mary when he ________through the park. (meet/walk) 15.We ________computer games while she ________a book. (play/read) 16.They ________ (have) tea when the doorbell ________ (ring). 17.Father ________ (smoke) his pipe while mother v(read) a magazine. 18.While he ________ (mow) the lawn it ________ (start) to rain. 19.He ________ (have) breakfast when the toaster ________ (blow) up. 20.When I ________ (come) into the office my boss ________ (wait) for me. 21.When we ________ (see) Brian he ________ (drive) a taxi. 22.Father ________ (wait) in the car while mother ________ (do) the shopping. 23.When he ________ (arrive) we ________ (have) dinner. 24.While they ________ (play) chess we ________ (go) shopping. 25.They ________ (have) a party while he ________ (sleep). 26.He ________ (take) a photo when I ________ (feed) the ducks. 27.They ________ (play) football when the lights in the stadium ________ (go) out. 28.While George and John ________ (clean) their room she ________ (do) the ironing.