Past perfect or past perfect continuous

  1. English
  2. Ivana Tosheva
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Worksheet Image Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous Choose the past perfect, or the past perfect continuous 1. When we arrived the film ________________________________ (start). 2. She ________________________________ (work) in that company for twenty years when she was made redundant. 3. I felt ill because I ________________________________ (drink) six cups of coffee. 4. I ________________________________ (study) all day, so I was tired. 5. How long ________________________________ (you / live) in London when your daughter was born? 6. When I arrived at the airport I realised I ________________________________ (forget) my passport. 7. I ________________________________ (break) my ankle, so I couldn’t go skiing last year. 8. She ________________________________ (study) English for three years when she took the exam. 9. I ________________________________ (run), so I was hot and tired. 10. I didn’t go to the class because I ________________________________ (not / do) my homework. © 2008 May be freely copied for personal or classroom use.