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PASSIVE VOICE Exercise 1 1. The longest fish in the contest was eighteen inches long". "It_____ by Thelma Rivers". a. was catching b. caught c. was caught d. catch 2. "I heard you decided to take up tennis". "Yes, I have_____ every day". a. been played b. been playing c. playing d. play 3. "Are we about to have dinner?". "Yes, it _____ in the dinning room". a. is serving b. serves c. is being served d. served 4. "Why is Stanley in jail?" "He_____ of robbery". a. has been convicted b. has been convicting c. has convicted d. convicted 5. "Where are Jack and Jan?" "They_____ the boxes you asked for into the house". a. have been bringing b. bringing c. have been brought d. to bring 6. "Where's the old chicken coop?" "It_____ by a windstorm last year". a. destroy b. is destroyed c. was destroyed d. destroyed 7. "We're still looking for Thomas". "Hasn't he_____ yet?". a. been found b. to find c. found d. being found 8. "Whatever happened t that fortune - teller?" "I don't know. She _____ around her in a long time". a. hasn't seen b. didn't see c. hasn't been seeing d. hasn't been seen 9. "Diana is a wonderful ballet dancer". "She_____ since she was four". a. has been dancing b. has been danced c. is dancing d. was danced 10. "What a beautiful dress you're wearing!" "Thank you. It_____ especially for me by a French tailor". a. is made b. has made c. made d. was made 11. "Those eggs of different colors are very artistic". "Yes, they_____ in Russia". a. were painted b. were paint c. were painting d. painted 12. "Homer is in jail for smoking marijuana". "He_____ that it was against the law". a. is telling b. was told c. old d. tells

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