PA MOD 7 quarter 1 SCIENCE

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Name: _________________________________________ Grade & Section: _____________ Date submitted: __________________________________ Date Checked: ______________ SCIENCE 8 PARALLEL ASSESSMENT QUARTER 1 WEEK 6 – MODULE 7 WRITTEN OUTPUT I. FILL IN THE BLANK. Supply the missing concept/word for each sentence. 1. Stored energy or energy due to position is known as ____________________________. 2. The formula for calculating potential energy is . 3. The three factors that determine the amount of potential energy in an object are ,4. and 5. . 6. Energy of motion is known as energy. 7. The formula for calculating kinetic energy is . 8. The two factors that determine the amount of kinetic energy in an object are and 9. PERFORMANCE TASKS II. Calculate the following problems and show your solutions. You can use the page at the back if the space is not enough. 10-11. Calculate the potential energy of a rock with a mass of 55 kg while sitting on a cliff that is 27 m high. 12-13. What distance is a book from the floor if the book contains 196 Joules of potential energy and has a mass of 5 kg? 14. Calculate the kinetic energy of a truck that has a mass of 2900 kg and is moving at 55 m/s. 15. How fast is a ball rolling if it contains 98 J of kinetic energy and has a mass of 4 kg? Parents Signature: _______________________ Teachers’ Feedback : _____________________

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