1. Science
  2. 8 Grade
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Name: _________________________________________ Grade & Section: _____________ Date submitted: __________________________________ Date Checked: ______________ SCIENCE 8 PARALLEL ASSESSMENT QUARTER 1 WEEK 5 – MODULE 6 WRITTEN OUTPUT I. Identify whether the following situations are examples of POTENTIAL ENERGY OR KINETIC ENERGY. Write PE if it is Potential energy and write KE if it is Kinetic energy. 1. Fireworks before they are launched 2. Moving rollercoasters 3. A bus moving on the hill 4. A baseball thrown by a pitcher 5. River water at the top of a waterfall 6. a yoyo before it is released 7. water behind a dam 8. Dropping a glass on the 9. a child at the top of slide 10. An asteroid falling to earth PERFORMANCE TASKS FOR NUMBERS 11-15. Illustrate/draw two situations that shows work and two situations that shows power. (gumuhit ng mga pangyayari or galaw na nagpapakita ng work at power-dalawang pangyayari bawat isa) Iguhit sa ibaba ang sagot

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