1. Science
  2. 8 Grade
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Name: _________________________________________ Grade & Section: _____________ Date submitted: __________________________________ Date Checked: ______________ SCIENCE 8 PARALLEL ASSESSMENT QUARTER 1 WEEK 4 – MODULE 5 PERFORMANCE TASKS Illustrate/draw two situations that shows work and two situations that shows power. (gumuhit ng mga pangyayari or galaw na nagpapakita ng work at power- Iguhit sa likod ng papel na ito) – 6 points Renatta Gass is out with her friends. Misfortune occurs and Renatta and her friends find themselves getting a workout. They apply a cumulative force of 1080 N to push the car 218 m to the nearest fuel station. Determine the work done on the car. 4 points (show your answers through proper computation) During the Powerhouse lab, Jerome runs up the stairs, elevating his 102 kg body a vertical distance of 2.29 meters in a time of 1.32 seconds at a constant speed. (show your answers through proper computation) a. Determine the work done by Jerome in climbing the staircase. 5 points b. Determine the power generated by Jerome. 5 points Parents Signature: _______________________ Teachers’ Feedback : _____________________

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Upload your solution and computation below