1. Science
  2. 8 Grade
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Name: _________________________________________ Grade & Section: _____________ Date submitted: __________________________________ Date Checked: ______________ SCIENCE 8 PARALLEL ASSESSMENT QUARTER 1 WEEK 1 – LAS 1 I. Multiple choices. Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided before the number (Isulat ang letra ng tamang sagot sa blanko) WRITTTEN OUTPUT ______1. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology is an agency under which department? A. Department of Science and Technology B. Department of Foreign Affairs C. Department of Industry D. Department of Education _______2. Vibrations in the earth caused by the sudden movement of rock are called___________. A. epicenters B. earthquakes C. faults D. tsunamis _______2. The point along a fault where an earthquake begins is called the__________. A. Fracture B. epicenter C. gap D. focus _______3. The point of the earth’s surface directly above the point where an earthquake occurs is called the__________. A. focus B. epicenter C. fracture D. fault _______4. What is the origin of an earthquake, where the first motion of an earthquake occurs? (under the surface of the Earth) A. focus B. epicenter C. fracture D. fault ______5. Which of the following is NOT a cause of an earthquake? A. landslides C. eruption of volcanoes B. lightning strikes D. moving of tectonic plates