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Read and fill in the blanks. E.g. Bill ________ fish once a week. a. eats b. eating c. eat d. don’t eat 1. My brothers ________ football every Sunday. a. plays b. playing c. play d. doesn’t play 2. We _______ snowman in winter. a. building b. builds c. doesn’t make d. build 3. The baby _______ milk every morning. a. eats b. drinks c. drink d. cook 4. It _______ in summer. a. gets very hot b. snows c. rain d. snow Circle the correct words. E.g. It get / gets cold in winter. 1. It doesn’t snow / snows in summer. 3. She wear / wears a jacket and jeans. 2. The dog lives / doesn’t live in the ocean. 4. My father sleeps / sleep on the sofa. Write the sentences. E.g. the/ desert/ in/ It/ the/ doesn’t/ rain/ . /  It doesn’t rain in the desert. 1. gets/ spring/ It/ warm/ the/ in/. / 2. doesn’t/ It/ summer/ the/ in/snow/ . /  ____________________________________  ____________________________________ 3. in/ bear/ doesn’t / the/ food/ The/ 4. trees/ autumn/ Lots/ in/ don’t/ of/ have/ collect / winter/ . / leaves/ the/. /  ____________________________________  ____________________________________

Worksheet Image
Worksheet Image

All about Autumn Autumn is one of the four seasons. It is the season that comes after summer. Autumn begins in September and finishes in November. Hedgehogs hibernate through autumn and winter. They collect lots of berries and eat them all before rolling themselves up tightly into a ball and falling asleep. During autumn, squirrels will go out to collect nuts and acorns. They dig a hole in the ground and store their supply of food. Geese fly south for the winter to find a warmer place to live, and fly north again for the spring. A. Read and choose True or False. E.g. Autumn begins in October. True False 1. Hedgehogs hibernate through autumn and winter. True False 2. Hedgehogs collect lots of apples to prepare for winter. True False 3. During autumn, squirrels collect nuts and corns. True False B. Read and choose the best answers. E.g. When does Autumn finish? a. October b. November c. December 1. What do squirrels do to store their food? a. They dig a hole in the ground. b. They hibernate. c. They roll themselves. 2. Why do geese fly south for the winter? a. Because it’s cool. b. Because it’s cold. c. Because it’s warm. 3. Where do geese fly for the spring? a. north b. west c. south