Unit 23 - One fast train ride lvl m quiz

  1. Literature
  2. 6 Grade
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LEVEL M Benchmark Passage Quick Check One Fast Train Ride Name Date Instructions: Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. 1. Which of the following is not 4. Why did Wes say that the train a reason Wes was grumpy? ride was better than a movie? A His plane was late. A The view had been more exciting than a movie. B He had missed part of a movie. B The ride had been longer than a movie. C His train was fast. D He was tired. C The train had been quieter than a movie theater. 2. Which of the following D The seats had been more events happened first? comfortable than movie theater seats. A Wes took a train ride. B Wes arrived in Japan. 5. Read the example sentence: C Wes arrived at a train station. The scenery changed often as the train zoomed over the land. D Wes took a flight. What does the word scenery 3. What changed about Wes mean in this sentence? from the beginning to the A parts of a play end of the story? B places where events happen A He got scared. C parts of a train B He got happier. D things that are seen in and C He got bored. around a place D He got angrier. © Learning A–Z All rights reserved. www.readinga-z.com