O. Henry Comprehension Questions

  1. English
  2. 7 Grade
  3. Jonathan Kirk
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Name- 0. HENRY MATCHING: Match each term with its description -Texas A Wl's first wife who died of tuberculosis embezzlement B Will's father's profession 3. North Carolina C.Will's second wife who left him in 1909 t New York Ctyy D. State where Will moved when he was 18 5. Ausfin E. Will wrote under this pseudonymn - "Miss Lina" F. State in which Will was born Athol G. Will spent some time in prison for this crime 8. 0 . Henry H City where the O. Henry Museum is located physician I Will's aunt who provided him with an education IO Sara J. Cty Will moved to after he was incarcerated TRUE OR FALSE?: Place a check in the correct column Statement TF ILO.Henry often wrote about socialitesin New York City. 12. Wiliam's father died when he was only three years old 13. The name O. Henry was pseudonym for Wiliam Sycney Porter H. William Sydney Porter died from cirrhosis. 5. Williarm Sydney Porter was very wealthy when he died. 6. William Porter was married only once. 17. William Sydhey Porter had one daughter, Margaret. 18. "The Gft of the Magi" was O. Henry's most famous story. 9 William Sydney Porter was born in New York City 20 Wiliam Sycney Porter was taught mainly by his mother OTeaching to the Middle