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As the rain storm hits, flooding becomes an immediate concern. Andre and Jose quickly seek elevated ground and construct a makeshift shelter using available resources. By rationing their supplies and cooperating effectively, they manage to endure the storm and keep their spirits high.

When the wind storm arrives, the friends secure themselves in a sturdy natural formation or a cave. They use their clothing and any available materials to create windbreaks and protect themselves from flying debris. Their quick thinking and calm demeanour help them weather the powerful winds.

As the blizzard rages, the combination of heavy snow and lightning presents a formidable challenge. Andre and Jose huddle together for warmth and use their survival skills to build a snow shelter. They wisely avoid tall objects and open areas to minimize the risk of being struck by lightning.

Faced with a sudden tidal wave, the friends seek higher ground and climb to safety. Their ability to stay level-headed and make swift decisions allows them to evade the destructive force of the wave and find refuge until the waters recede.

As the floodwaters rise and threaten to trigger a mudslide, Andre and Jose move to higher ground, constantly monitoring escape routes and being ready to move quickly if necessary. Their prior knowledge of the area enables them to find safe locations away from potential mudslide paths.

In the face of an impending avalanche, the friends use their knowledge of avalanche safety to quickly locate a sheltered area. They employ their survival training to create air pockets and maintain breathing space if buried under snow. Their preparedness and composure are crucial in their survival.

Aswer the questions. Record answers 1-3, write answers 4-6.

  1. How did Andre and Jose use their surroundings and available resources to protect themselves from the flooding during the rain storm?

2. In what ways did Andre and Jose demonstrate adaptability and resourcefulness to shield themselves from flying debris and strong winds during the wind storm?

3.How did Andre and Jose manage to stay warm and secure amidst the heavy snow and lightning during the blizzard?

4.How did Andre and Jose evaluate their surroundings and identify safe locations to seek refuge and escape the destructive force of the tidal wave?

5.What strategies did Andre and Jose employ to navigate the changing landscape and ensure their safety during the flood and potential mudslide?

6.How did Andre and Jose use their knowledge of avalanche safety to identify a sheltered area and prepare for the potential threat of an avalanche?

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Name the natural disasters. Choose the right word.