MUSIC10 Q2 Mod1 Ver3 Afro Latin American and Popular Music (1)

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What I Know Read the statements carefully and identify what are being described. Choose the letter that represents your best answer. Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. 1. It is a single tube closed at one end and blown like a bottle to produce sound. a. Fulani b. Lute c. Mbira d. Talking Drum 2. The following statements describe Spiritual Music except________. a. It is also known as “Negro Spiritual” b. It is a way of imparting Christian Values c. It is a way of venting the hardships of slaves. d. Its melodies are expressive and soulful. 3. It is likened to a question and answer sequence in human communication. a. Blues b. Call and response c. Soul d. Spiritual 4. It is a musical genre from Nigeria in the Yoruba tribal style to wake up the worshippers after fasting during the Muslim holy feast of Ramadan. a. Apala b. Axe c. Jit d. Juju 5. What do Talking Drum and Djembe have in common? a. They are both chordophones. b. They are both membranophones. c. They are both idiophones. d. None of the Above 6. It is instantly recognizable from the counterpoint between the bass and drum downbeat and the offbeat rhythm section. a. Reggae b. Salsa c. Samba d. Bossa Nova 7. African traditional music is used primarily during . a. Birth b. Death c. Marriage d. All of the above 2 CO_Q2_Music10_Module1

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