Months of the year worksheets, checkbox quiz

  1. English
  2. 1 Grade-3 Grade
  3. AvatarMiranda Lewis

Repeat the months of the year with the checkbox tool. The worksheet was created for teaching 1st-3rd grades.

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Name Months Months of the year Date : worksheetspack : Tick the correct answer. w h ee June January What's the first month of the year? What's the third month of the year? March May What's the eleventh month of the year? October November What's the last month of the year? July December What's the second month of the year? February August What's the ninth month of the year? May September What's the sixth month of the year? July June May July tspa .com Which month comes before June? ck Which month comes after March? June April ee ww w.worksh © Copyright 2021 All rights reserved.