Module5 4

  1. English
  2. 5 Grade
  3. Lyazzat Shartaeva
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1. Read the dialogue between Sarah and Emily. They are talking about their favorite singers. Complete the dialogue and act it out. hit fantastic energetic active straight hair great - Emily, have you heard the last ____ of Madonna? It’s ____________! - Yeah, the music and the rhythm are so ______________. This song really makes everyone dance. - And she’s already made a video in Tokyo to this song! - I’ve seen it! She looks __________! So sporty, ___________ and stylish! - It’s a new image for her – short ___________ fair _________, leather suit and a very unusual look in her eyes – she looks so strong! - I think it’s because of the words: “Are you ready to jump?” – She says that we must have an aim and make a jump to get it! - Sounds amazing! 5. Complete the sentences. Use I/me/he/him, etc.  I don’t eat tomatoes. I don’t like ________________.  Do you know that boy? Yes, I study with _________.  Where is Anna? I want to talk to _______.  Do you like ________ English lessons?  They are having a party. They have invited all _________ friends. 6. Read the text. Complete the sentences. Helen and Nick are married. They have a son, Jack, and a daughter, Sandra. Sandra is married to Pete. Sandra and Pete have a daughter, Lisa.  Nick is Helen’s husband.  Sandra is __________ mother.  Helen is Nick’s __________.  Jack is _____________ brother.  Jack is ____________ uncle.  Sandra is ____________ wife.  Helen is Lisa’s ______________.  Pete is _____________husband.  Pete is Lisa’s __________.  Lisa is ______________ niece