Module Week 1

  1. Science
  2. 5 Grade
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Directions: Read each item carefully. Then, choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answers on your paper. 1. What do you call the tip part of the penis? A. Glans C. Scrotum B. Urethra D. Testes 2. Which part is located between the bladder and the penis? A. Vas deferens C. Prostate gland B. Testes D. Scrotum 3. Which is responsible in releasing fluid that flushes out foreign matter and neutralizes the acidic urine in the urethra? A. Epididymis C. Penis B. Urethra D. Cowper’s gland

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4. Which connects the testes to the seminal vesicle and urethra? A. Penis C. Testes B. Vas deferens D. Scrotum 5. Which part of the male reproductive system are sac-like pouches attached to the vas deferens? A. Seminal vesicle C. Penis B. Urethra D. Glans 6. Which of the following connects the ovaries to the uterus? A. oviducts C. hormones B. follicles D. vagina 7. Which of the following parts of the female reproductive system is also called the birth canal? A. oviduct C. uterus B. ovary D. vagina

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8. Which of the following part and function is correct? A. fallopian tube – connects the testes and the penis B. prostate gland – egg cell production site C. uterus – houses the developing fetus D. vas deferens – where sperm cells develop 9. Which part of the female reproductive system enlarges to let the passage of a fetus during birth? A. cervix C. uterus B. ovary D. vagina 10. It is where matured egg cell is released from the ovary during ovulation. A. cervix C. vagina B. ovary D. oviduct