Mixed tenses past present future grammar

  1. English
  2. Elsa Novia Barata
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I. Fill in the missing form in the correct tense. Watch out for signal words. a) Walter ___________________ (go) to school last week. b) Why ________ you always ___________________ (sleep) in front of the TV? c) What ________ you ___________________ (do) next year? d) We ___________________ (not/celebrate) our anniversary in 2050. e) Tom ___________________ (stay) at home on Mondays. f) Where __________ you often ___________________ (sit)? g) How much money _________ your father ___________________ (earn) every month? h) Yesterday we ___________________ (not/watch) birds. i) Where ___________________ (be) you two days ago? j) Who __________________ (stand) behind the curtains last night? k) They rarely ____________________ (buy) some milk in the supermarket. l) When ____________ you ___________________ (meet) your best friend the last time? m) My classmate always ___________________ (read) books. n) What _________ you __________________(think), if your brother _______________ (steal) your money? o) Why ____________ (be) you here now? p) I _____________________ (not/hear) you because I was listening to music. q) We ____________________ (clean) your apartment after you had had a party there. r) Last night we _________________________ (cannot/stand) the smoke. s) Why _________ you always __________________ (talk) about me? t) If you ________________ (leave), I ___________________ (miss) you. u) ______________________ (not /eat) during lessons. v) My sister __________________________ (water) the plants every day. w) Last Christmas I _________________ (not / get) any presents. x) In the evenings my parents ______________________ (not/play) cards. y) ________ I __________ (know) you? I haven’t met you before. z) Please, __________________ (help) me.