Mixed Tenses

  1. English
  2. Elsa Novia Barata
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Name ________________________________ Past, Present, Future verb worksheet Select the Tense The tense of a verb tells you when the action of the verb takes place. • Present tense means now: I am cleaning the car. • Past tense means any time before now: I cleaned the car yesterday. • Future tense means not yet, but any time in the future: I will clean the car tomorrow. Write present, past or future for each of the following sentences. 1. Stefanie taught school in China last year. ______________________ 2. She will teach school in Mexico next year. ______________________ 3. Louis will take me to the movies next Saturday. ______________________ 4. Laura and I are playing ball at the park. ______________________ 5. The dog ate an hour ago. ______________________ 6. I am walking to the museum. ______________________ 7. I will ride the bus to the library on Friday. ______________________ 8. The desert is quiet at night. ______________________ 9. Maurice Sendak wrote “Where the Wild Things Are”. ______________________ 10. Grandmother will retire next February. ______________________ 11. The mountains are tall. ______________________ 12. I am cleaning my room. ______________________ 13. Joe will begin guitar lessons in September. ______________________ 14. Mark is playing football. ______________________ 15. Thomas Edison was an inventor. ______________________ ©2009 T. Smith Publishing. All rights reserved. http://www.tlsbooks.com