Midterm Test - Life Science


LIFE SCIENCE MIDTERM TEST Part 1: Choose the best answer 1. How many trophic levels does an omnivore feed on within an ecosystem? a. Omnivores feed at all trophic levels. b. 2 c. None, because the various trophic levels do not apply to omnivores. d. 3 2. What can an herbivore be categorized as? a. An autotroph b. A primary consumer c. A detritivore d. A producer 3. What is a decomposer? a. An organism that breaks down organic material b. An organism that feeds off of a living host c. An organism that treats bacterial infections d. None are correct e. An organism that uses newly recycled nutrients to grow 4. An association between two different species where the symbiont benefits and the host is harmed is known as: a. Symbiosis b. Parasitism c. Pathogenic d. Commensalism e. Amensalism

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