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Thanh Hai Primary School  Academic year [2021 ~ 2022] ~~~Middle Test 1~~~ Full name: ______________________________ Class:___________ Score Comments Exercise 1: Choose the correct one (1,5pts) 1. How do you _______ your name ? – K-L-E-E. A. spelt B. spell C. spel 2. Are they your ________ ?  Yes, they are. A. friends B. fried C. friend 3. Is that Jessica? – No, __________, it’s Jenny A. they are B. it is C. it isn’t 4. What’s your name?  My________Cindy. A. name’s B. is name C. name 5. Tony and Quan _____ my friends. A. is B. are C. am 6. This _____ my friend, Alice. A. are B. am C. is Exercise 2: Read and match (2pts) 1. How old is Mai? a. No, they aren’t 2. Are they your friends? b. I’m fine, thanks. 3. How are you? c. Yes, it is. 4. Is that Sayu? d. She’s nine years old.

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