Mid course Test Pall


In Company Intermediate second edition _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Section 2: Reading Part A Here are six voice-mail messages for Peter Carter. Match the second half of the messages (a–f) with the first half (31–36). 31 Hello. This is Cheryl. I phoned you about five times yesterday, but you weren’t in. ___ 32 Hi, Peter. Anne here. I wanted to talk to you about the project meeting tomorrow morning, but you’re obviously not there. The good news is we finished Phase One on time. ___ 33 Er, this is Zoltán. Just to let you know, I started the report this morning and just e- mailed you the first part. ___ 34 Mr Carter. It’s Philip Heath. I talked to our stock control manager about the Venezuelan consignment and he says we despatched the goods a week ago. ___ 35 Hello, Mr Carter. This is Ryan Hope from SilverStar. I called you a couple of weeks ago about an estimate for a contract in Malaysia. ___ 36 Pete, it’s me. Sorry, mate, I tried everything, but head office say we can’t have any more. They say they waited six months for the preliminary report, another six months for the feasibility study and now they want to see some results. ___ Mid-course Test 4

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