Mid course Test Pall


In Company Intermediate second edition Name __________________________________ Date ___________ MID-COURSE TEST Section 1: Grammar and Lexis Part A Re-write the following sentences using the words given. See the example. Example: Where is the nearest taxi rank? Could you tell me where the nearest taxi rank is? 1 Can I open the window? Would you mind _________________________? 2 Can you help me finish this report? Would you mind__________________________? 3 I think there’s an earlier flight. Let me try to get you on that one. If ______________________________ , I’ll __________ ____________________ . 4 We can’t employ more people. Our office isn’t big enough. If ______________________________ , we’ll need __________ ____________________ . 5 We’ll lose our jobs if we don’t get more orders. Unless ________________________________________ . 6 Everyone needs to work overtime so that the product is ready in time. The product will be ready providing ______________________________ ________________________________________ . Mid-course Test 1

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