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QUARTER 1 STEM-ADD ON – MODULE 1 MECHANICAL DRAFTING Name:_____________________________________________________ Rating:____________________________ Grade and Section:___________________________________________ Date:_____________________________ Activity 1: Identifying drafting materials and tools/drafting instruments Direction: Identify the drafting materials and tools/drafting instrument. _______________ 1. This drafting tool is used when drawing vertical lines. _______________ 2. The main function of this tool is to reproduce the measurements of an object to any size. _______________ 3. Type of pencils when extreme accuracy is required. _______________ 4. This drafting tool is used to protect the rest of the drawing when removing unnecessary lines. _______________ 5. Best tool when measuring arcs, angles and circles. _______________ 6. Used to clean the dirt off the drawing. _______________ 7. A drafting too used for drawing horizontal lines. _______________ 8. An instrument used for transferring measurements. _______________ 9. Drafting material used for fastening the drawing paper on the drawing table. _______________ 10. Type of pencils used for general purpose in drawing.

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