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Match column A with the corresponding item in the column B.

Column A Column B 1. Moral-spiritual health a. refers to how you get along with other people, how other people react and how you interact 2. Health with social institutions. 3. Emotional health b. involves understating and liking yourself as well as accepting and learning from your 4. Holistic Health mistakes. 5. Growth c. is an approach to life that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness. 6. Physical health d. is the quantitative increase in development of 7. Social health body. 8. Development e. is a state of complete physical, mental or intellectual, emotional, social, moral-spiritual 9. Mental health and environmental well-being, and not merely the absence of diseases. 10. Environmental health f. implies overall changes in shape, form or structure and function during the life of organism. g. means being a lifelong learner by continuously wanting learn new things and improve one’s skills. h. means being at peace and harmony with yourself, others and a high power. i. it means how well your body functions. It is the state of well-being when all internal and external body parts, organs, tissues and cell can function properly as they are supposed to function. j. means the understanding of the effect to ourselves of the air, the water, and the land that surrounds us. k. someone’s way of living.

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