MAPEH8(P.E) Quiz1

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  3. Ivy Grace Timogtimog
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MAPEH (P.E) Second Grading – Quiz 1 Quiz#1 Instructions: Identify the following. Answer only. 1. A traditional dace originating and handed down among the common people. 2. Refers to the group of peasants who agree to work for each other one day each week to clear the forest, prepare the soil for planting, or do any odd job on the farm, including the building of the house. 3. An intricate traditional Muslim dance originating from Lanao del Sur. It is said to be a dance of Muslim royalty. 4. The dance tells the story of the tikling birds as they run through rice paddies. 5. A war dance depicting a fight between the Moros and the Christians over the latik (residue after the coconut milk) has been boiled. 6. Dances derived from religious beliefs, practices, vows and ceremonies. 7. Dances that show strength and power duel, fight or combat. 8. Dances for festive activities, social gathering and special occasions. 9. Dances originated from courting when a boy meets a girl. 10. Dances created to show one’s work or industry.